Reporting and monitoring

Reporting and monitoring

Being aware of everything going on in the contact centre is vital - Premier Contact Point delivers a comprehensive suite of tools to help your supervisors track, monitor and observe every component of the contact centre operation.

  • Real-time dashboards give visibility over performance and utilisation of the centre.
  • Historical reporting delivers powerful and insightful data across a suite of standard reports.
  • An intuitive monitoring application allows supervisors to listen and coach calls in real-time.
  • Call recordings can be searched, downloaded, streamed and scored as soon as they are created.

Dashboard is the real-time statistics component of Premier Contact Point. Accessible over the internet from any device, it provides up-to-date data on a range of metrics across the contact centre.

BI Reporting built on Microsoft Power BI provides dynamic reporting across a wide range of contact centre metrics, covering agent data, inbound queue statistics, outbound campaign performance and outbound dialling list data.

Agent monitoring lets your supervisors and administrators listen in on calls, no matter where the agent or supervisor is located. Supervisors are presented with a list of calls currently in progress, sorted by agent, and can choose any call to listen in on. As well as listening, supervisors can break into the call to speak to the agent only, or the agent and the customer.

Recording Manager is a full-featured web application allowing supervisors to search through all recordings made by the platform, locate particular files, stream and play them, or download them to the local PC. Recordings can be commented, flagged and scored.