Living in the cloud

Living in the cloud

Should I move my Contact Centre to the Cloud?

More and more businesses are realising cloud solutions can help solve their technology and business process problems. Here’s how Premier Contact Point can help move your contact centre to the cloud:

On-premise solutions bring heavy capital expenditure and ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs. Premier Contact Point offers a flexible and predictable monthly licensing model that moves costs to operating expenses.

Nothing is static – call volumes ebb and flow and business changes constantly. With on-premise equipment, you’re stuck with the system and the licences you bought; this presents a number of limitations. Inbound call volumes typically reflect seasonal patterns so you need to provision with peak periods in mind, and outbound campaigns come and go. With Premier Contact Point, you only pay for the licenses you need when you need them.

CPE vs PCP licensing

Speed of delivery
We can have Premier Contact Point up-and-running in your business in a matter of weeks – customised and tailored to your needs. We leverage best-practice contact centre solutions to help you implement the right system for your business.

Security and redundancy
Security is central to our operations; Premier Technologies is a Tier 1 PCI DSS compliant provider, which means we are acknowledged by the banking industry as meeting the highest standards of security and compliance. We can provide multiple levels of redundancy and business continuity.

Access from anywhere
Users can log in from multiple sites, so you can build, monitor and manage a virtual contact centre with staff working together in a single system, regardless of where they are in the world.

Regular updates
You benefit from frequent performance and functionality upgrades to the platform, all included in your monthly fee.

Compatability with your phone system
Premier Contact Point works well with all telephony and IT environments - all you need to log in is a computer with internet access and a phone (fixed or mobile).