Premier Contact Point

Premier Contact Point

Fully featured, multichannel

Premier Contact Point (PCP) delivers a cloud contact centre suite, including inbound, outbound and blended traffic in any medium (such as Voice, Email, SMS or Web Chat).  This allows all agents - at all locations - to provide the highest levels of consistent, informed service to your customers.

The benefits of using Premier Contact Point include the following:

Allow customers to serve themselves
Intelligent self service options enable your customers to serve themselves through IVR or speech. With integration, PCP can also share information with your CRM and other applications.

Enable customers to reach the right agent quickly
Help your customers get the right answer on the first call. Advanced call queuing and routing intelligently routes calls to the right agent based on customer profile, service levels, agent skill and agent availability. When agents are not available, PCP improves customer satisfaction by inviting customers to leave a voicemail message or request a call back at a time that suits them.

Efficient interactions across a universal pool of agents
Blended interactions increase the productivity of your agents by allowing them to seamlessly transition between inbound and outbound services from a single login (if outbound services are required).   

Manage better with greater visibility
Advanced Business Insights provide real-time and historical views of your contact centre and agent performance. Unified administration provides a powerful single administration portal from which to manage all interaction types.

Highest standards of compliance and quality
Call recording, whether system recording or agent initiated recording, allows you to record outbound and/or inbound calls for quality or compliance purposes. The call recordings are indexed and easily accessible from a secure site; alternatively, they can be delivered to you on USB or hard drive for easy storage.

Focus agent training on customer satisfaction
An intuitive, simple-to-use interface ensures happier, more productive agents who can be quickly trained to use the platform in less than an hour. This leaves more time to train agents on the business and its processes, products and services leading to increased customer satisfaction.