Improved collections

Improved collections

In the collections world, getting in contact with the right people is vital. Customers rely on multiple channels of conversation and everyone has their own preferred way of communicating; our platform is used to drive better results in receivables management and collections across a range of industries.

For example, an outsourcer recently came to us with a need to implement a contact strategy for receivables management, covering inbound and outbound voice as well as SMS contact.

Using the expertise of our contact centre professionals and the wide range of components the Premier Contact Point product brings, we were able to work with the client to deliver an innovative solution blending dynamic SMS, text-to-speech and inbound and outbound voice contacts.

The solution we provided delivered a number of key benefits:

  • increased collections revenue from the improved rate of successful customer contacts
  • increased contact rates across multiple channels
  • reduced collections costs driven by a lower number of accounts being sent to mercantile agencies
  • reduced management costs from handling all contacts in a single, integrated system
  • increased customer satisfaction brought about by contacting customers in their preferred manner