Improved customer service and support

Improved customer service and support

We recognise that your contact centre isn’t a monolith. Your business is likely to have many teams and business units stationed in different locations – different buildings or even different cities. Your customers, however, just want a single number to call, without needing to worry about timezones or the cost of the call. 

To provide good customer support, it is critical to ensure the call goes to the right agent, first time. Using skills-based routing and inbound prioritisation techniques to meet business requirements, we can help you to achieve better results, improve the quality of your service and make it easy for your agents to focus on assisting customers.

Premier Contact Point delivers a truly virtual contact centre platform that can unite staff all over the country – or the globe! Staff can log in from anywhere that has access to a phone and an internet-connected computer. Once they are logged in, calls can be routed to them from a single entry point, such as a 13 or 1300 number. Geographic routing means agents can still handle enquiries from their state and use their local knowledge to serve customers. A single unified system means that management, monitoring and reporting are handled in one place.

For example, we delivered a Premier Contact Point system designed to meet these needs to a nationwide manufacturer across five contact centre locations. Today, this business is still enjoying the benefits a virtual contact centre can deliver, including:

  • reduced staffing costs delivered by the increased efficiency of handling calls in a single systematic way
  • reduced IT and technology costs from coalescing multiple systems together
  • improved customer satisfaction from better service levels, arising from more efficient staff usage
  • simpler management of staff from a single reporting and management tool