Workforce optimisation

Workforce optimisation

The number one expense faced by contact centres is staffing costs – paying your agents, supervisors, and administrators. Workforce optimisation can help by making sure staffing levels, rosters and shifts are designed to provide the best possible balance between good customer service and good value.

We understand that technology itself is a part of the solution, but every business needs some expertise and experience to really make it work. Our workforce optimisation product is built around a consultative onboarding process, where our expert analysts work hard to understand what drives your business before we build the right system for you.

What is workforce optimisation?

We view the optimisation process as a three-step workflow:

Forecasting builds on historical data - such as call volumes, peak periods, length of calls and a number of other variables - and builds in future information to develop a prediction of how many calls are expected during each period.

Scheduling takes the forecasts and applies them to your agents, so you can automatically generate the right agent schedules to cover the calls you will receive.

Tracking uses historical data and current trends to assess where the forecasts and schedules need to be altered to handle calls better, and filters back into the forecasting process.


How workforce optimisation can work for you

Workforce optimisation can help you meet many of the challenges you face in trying to provide great customer service and great value.

Working out staffing levels
Determining the correct number of agents is a balancing act. Too many agents and costs rise, agent productivity dips and finance departments start asking questions. Too few agents and service levels suffer, agents are overworked and customers don’t get good service. Workforce optimisation can help develop the right baseline staffing levels from historical data and future predictions.

Dealing with uncertainty
Contact centre volumes constantly change; by building historical data over time and factoring in future predictions, you can limit unpleasant surprises and cope much better with seasonal variations in your business.

Improving customer service
All contact centres have one shared goal: delivering great service to their customers. Workforce optimisation is a key part of this; it ensures you have the right agents, with the right skillsets, at the right time. Ultimately, this ensures customers get better, quicker service.

Our workforce optimisation platform is built around eWFM, the industry leading workforce optimisation package. eWFM brings a wide range of key features, including:

  • Skillset support to help roster agents with the right mix of skills at all time
  • Inbound and outbound contact centre support
  • Multiple sites supported within a single platform
  • Preferential rosters allowing agents to be given the shifts they prefer
  • Flexible reporting to let your team report on the statistics that matter to them


Workforce Consulting

Knowing where to make improvements in efficiency of contact centre operations can be difficult, and having experts who understand best practices working within your organisation may not always be possible.

Through our Professional Workforce Optimisation Consultants, Premier Technologies can provide contact centre managers with expert advice on how to obtain the most from the contact centre. This can be through reviewing current technology, analysing operational processes or training and developing Workforce Analysts and contact centre leaders.