Secure self-servicing in the cloud

Secure self-servicing in the cloud

We believe the security of your customer's personal data is as important as securing their payment data. That’s why we have added a series of secure, cloud-based modules that allow you to offer internet and phone self-service solutions to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your customers want to be able to serve themselves at a convenient time and in a way that suits them; giving them this option helps ensure their satisfaction. Premier can help you provide easy-to-use self-service modules to enhance customer experience, at the same time reducing your physical business opening hours and contact centre inbound queues.

When considering self-service, security is a major factor to keep in mind. We look after your cloud contact centre and payments services in our PCI DSS compliant environment. We can also look after many of your high repetition enquiries and requests. By replacing or outsourcing some of your paper-based or manual processes, you can simplify your operations at the same time as shrinking your business' carbon footprint.


Customer self-service checklist

Feature Why is it important?
Balance enquiries Let your customers check their balance using their phone or the internet
Bill presentment Let your customers view and pay their bills online
Single click payments Let your cusomters pay you with a single click using their pre-registered and preferred payment details
Secure online forms Provide various types of forms or surveys on your website and securely capture and download their responses. Remove PDFs, faxes and paper forms for good.
Online customer identification Identify your customers with the ability to update their expired or invalid card or bank account details online
Card detail and bank account updates Provide your customers with the ability to update their expired or invalid card or bank account details online
Electronic direct debit request submissions Allow your customers to provide permission for a direct debit from the bank account or card details online. Download the details securely
Secure phone (IVR) services Allow your customers to complete surveys, request call backs or documentation by phone
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