Smarter receivables

Smarter receivables

The Premier transactions platform dramatically reduces the cost and effort involved in managing your payments and receivables, letting you to focus on what you do best - providing an excellent customer experience. The platform provides your customers with a range of payment options, allowing them to choose how they would like to pay you. It facilitates internet payments, automated pay-by-phone, payments through your contact centre, payments by mobile, set and forget payments, single click payments with pre-registered accounts, mail order payments and more.

The Premier transactions platform reduces the overheads of your account receivables by automating a large part of this function. This removes the burden of managing ever-changing card payment services, reconciliation, security requirements and vulnerabilities, and allows you to meet customer expectations in relation to multi-device support and payment option preferences.

Some of the modules available on the Premier transactions platform are:

  • Business rules optimiser
  • Branded hosted bill payment page - your own internet payments page with your logo and chosen design
  • Customer self-service including bill presentment
  • Automated phone (IVR) payment services
  • Recurring payments optimiser including decline manager
  • Contact centre initiated payments
  • Mobile payments - enables your cusomters to pay from their smartphone or tablet device
  • Payment request and receipt messaging

Have a look at our Smart Receivables Checklist to see how the Premier Transactions Platform meets your requirements:


Smarter receivables checklist

Feature Why is it important?
PCI DSS compliant Reduce internal IT burden
Real-time Immediate processing
Consolidated reporting Reduce reconciliation overheads
Tokenisation Reduce internal IT burden of PCI DSS
Your branding Customer experience
Internet payments Customer experience
Automated phone (IVR) Customer experience
Mobile Customer preference
Surcharging Reduce bank fees
Auto-early payment discounts Encourage early payment for better cash flow
Auto-late payment penalties Discourage late payment for better bash flow and reduce late payment follow-ups and bad debts
Fixed amounts Reduce partial payments follow-ups and bad debts
Recurring payment management Reduce decline payment follow-ups and bad debts
Declined payment messaging Let your recurring payment customer know their payment was declined by SMS and email. Reduce follow-up calls
Auto-card number updates Reduce communications and PCI overheads related to updating expired cards
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