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Whatever it takes to serve customers

service 01 Cloud Contact Centre

Premier Contact Point

Premier Contact Point delivers a cloud contact centre suite, including inbound, outbound and blended traffic in any medium (such as Voice, Email, SMS or Web Chat). This allows all agents  at all locations  to provide the highest levels of consistent, informed service to your customers.

service 02 Cloud Contact Centre

Living in the cloud

More and more businesses are realising that cloud solutions can help them solve many technology and business process problems. Contact centres are no exception. Premier Contact Point can help you improve your contact centre operations by offering greater value, scalability, speed of delivery, security, availability and flexibility, as well as ongoing upgrades and maintenance.


Real people. Real solutions.

Every contact centre is unique - the challenges you face and the goals you strive for may be similar to other centres, but no-one has a business quite like yours.

Everything we do to design a solution for your business is built upon our 30+ years of experience in the contact centre industry, and the expertise we have developed through working with a wide range of organisations.


Understanding your industry.

Industry leading Cloud Contact Centre

At Premier, we do everything we can to understand your business and the industry in which you operate.

With over 30 years’ experience in the contact centre industry, our contact centre design, implementation, and consultancy services will ensure you have access to a leading industry solution that will allow you to continually improve your business.


Workforce Optimisation

The number one expense contact centres generally contend with is staffing costs – paying your agents, supervisors, and administrators.

Workforce optimisation can help by ensuring staffing levels, rosters and shifts are designed to provide the best possible balance between good customer service and good value.

Premier Contact Point - Customer cloud contact centre & workforce optimsation

Great technology accessible to your business

Premier offers industry-leading cloud contact centre, secure payments, transactions and receivables solutions that let you focus on your core activities.